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Panopticum Alpha Srip 1.1
Plugins for Adobe Photoshop

Alpha Strip

Panopticum Alpha Strip - is a unique set of procedures for making alpha-channel images cutting. The new filters of this set will help you process your images using different geometrical effects (thin lines, circles, rectangles, etc) with little effort. These effects are widely used in Web design. This software will automate the processing, saving your efforts for more creative work.

You can use images created with these filters as backgrounds for your Internet pages, for creation of emblems, logotypes, etc. Our plug-in will save you time and money, and generate interesting and beautiful images.

Panopticum Alpha Strip contains six adjustable masks: lines, squares, circles, rings, spirals and waves. Each mask contains a set of adjustable parameters for quick production of geometric shape you need. You can change parameters in real time in the preview window.
Panopticum Alpha Strip saves masks along with their description in a file, which you may find very useful.

The dialogue window of Panopticum Alpha Strip package is decorated with our specifically designed interface, which, undoubtedly, will make your work with this product more pleasant, give you new forces and inspire you with creation of masterpieces in the field of computer art.